Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions

Pain Management

The use of hypnotherapy has been very effective as an adjunctive treatment within individualised pain management regimes. It can used for acute, chronic and cancer pain.

Implementation of a variety of hypnotic techniques can enable an individual to make positive changes towards their response to the pain experienced and management of symptoms and expectations. Hypnotherapy empowers individuals to take control and work towards a better quality of life.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Irritable Bowel Disease (Gastrointestinal conditions)

Hypnotherapy has been widely used in the treatment and management of gastrointestinal conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD). The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) recognises hypnotherapy as an effective psychological intervention, especially when an individual’s symptoms are unresponsive to pharmacological treatments.

Anxiety/Stress/Low Confidence

Hypnotherapy can facilitate identification of an individual’s root cause for feelings of anxiety, stress or low confidence. By setting goals and using an array of hypnotic techniques, the individual can work towards modifying belief’s or behaviours and finding ways to positively resolve inner conflicts.

Hypnobirthing/Antenatal & Postnatal Care

The main principle of Hypnobirthing is to reduce or remove fears associated with childbirth, with the main aim being to promote an easier, calmer, comfortable and positive birthing experience.

Antenatal and Postnatal Hypnotherapy can be used to support expecting parents who may have fears and anxieties relating to forthcoming parenthood and likewise to support the transition into parenthood in the postnatal period.

Habit Control/Weight Management

Hypnotherapy has been successful in assisting individuals to break the cycle involved with a variety of habits/behaviours. Success rates will usually be measured against an individual having the right motivation to make positive changes, particularly when improvement in health is the key trigger.

There are various hypnotic techniques available for use within Weight Management. Again, these will be determined on an individual’s aims, goals and motivation.


Individual beliefs of how to deal with grief and loss are so subjective and can result in both psychological and physical symptoms. Hypnotherapy can facilitate an individual through the process of dealing and/or coming to terms with grief or loss and learn individual coping strategies that will enable them to positively move forward.

How does hypnotherapy work with children?

In most children, the imagination of a child is very vivid and using this active imagination helps to reach the subconscious mind easily thus rebuilding confidence and self-esteem.

In this high-tech, fast paced world, children are being exposed to life’s tribulations a lot earlier than previous generations. There is heightened anxiety with violence in the news and social media creating a false pressure to ‘belong’ by needing to fit into certain groups. There are additional concerns with exam and sport performance, natural body development, as well as bullying or harassment that may develop into serious issues like depression or self-harm.

Parents too can be distracted by work pressures and advanced technology can facilitate internal tension, conflicts and negative interactions within family life. Therefore simple comparisons to others can be amplified in children, already struggling with social or educational pressures, leading to self-criticism, low confidence and low self-esteem.

We recognise that it is a challenge for both parents and healthcare providers; therefore using hypnotherapy with children uses their very visual creative mind to create and increase the feelings of calm whilst helping de-escalate fears and anxieties thus creating more positive self-talk and behaviour.

Hypnotherapy sessions with Children

The Consultation will always involve a parent but (depending on age) when conducting the First Session, there will be an agreement as to whether parental involvement is necessary. This is also negotiation for any session to include parents.

Though it is essential to establish trust, it is made clear that communication between parent and hypnotherapist is a priority and any safeguarding concerns regarding a client will be appropriately escalated.